Monday, 1 February 2010

We need more green space

I spent a lot of today colouring in maps of the ward ready for delivering our leaflets.
It is incredible just how many people live in such a small area of the city; blocks of flats with 300-400 residents, acres of back-to-backs. Apparently over 22,000 people live in the ward.

It's no wonder we don't have enough green space to go around; we are supposed to have an additional 40,846 sq metres to meet the School Premises Regulations 1999 alone, and that is before Education Leeds expands the primary schools in the area which will obviously mean using playgrounds and fields for the modular classrooms they intend to build.

I really do think we need to buy as much of the land left by the Leeds Girls High School as we can and I think we need improve a lot of the green areas we already have. I hope that the refurbishments in Little London are going to include efforts to make the surrounding grass areas more creative and attractive for people to use.

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