Friday, 19 February 2010

There are more ways to win than just getting votes

I got 150 votes and came 4th - not bad for a complete unknown with just 4 weeks to establish herself.
I got 7% of the vote which I'm told is pretty acceptable, especially as the Lib Dems and Labour had hundreds of people on the street and I had my very small team who, however hard they worked, could not hope to compete with the sheer hours of campaigning that the main parties put in.

Gerry Harper, Labour, won with 1054 and the Lib Dems got just 671.

But who won wasn't really the point for me - every candidate declared against closing City of Leeds, almost all supported Royal Park (I'm not sure about the Conservatives as I never saw any election material from them) and I know that the importance of those issues was only because I was standing on them and all the parties knew that if they didn't support City and Royal Park they would lose votes to me.

And to cap it all, Gerry Harper said he would so his 'damnedest' to stop City from closing on camera!!!!!

Thanks to everyone who supported me in this campaign, especially my team who were truly wonderful.

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