Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Little London Community Centre

I went with Ted to visit the Little London Community Centre this morning. There were just a few people in and it was really peaceful and welcoming.
I'm told lunch time on Wednesdays is a different story though - they do a healthy lunch that is very popular. Unfortunately we didn't have time to stay that long, maybe I'll try it out next week and take the opportunity to talk to more of the local residents.

The manager of the centre was very helpful but also concerned about the new centre being built. She didn't know when it would be happening or whether there will be a time between the closure of the current centre and the opening of the new one.
This centre provides a lot of services for local people and is obviously popular and well used, it would be a great shame to have to have a break in that and very disruptive for the community. I think the community needs continuity of this provision throughout the building period which will be disruptive enough without losing such a valuable resource even for a short time.

We got lots of information and left some leaflets before heading round to Space where we had a chat about the area with the receptionist who took some leaflets to deliver to other centres.

We have about an inch of snow here now and leafleting is very cold work.
I'm enjoying it though, especially now I've found a pair of fingerless gloves - not only do they keep your hands warm, the letter boxes don't bite quite so hard!

From tomorrow we'll be out in the daytime more which is much better because people are more willing to stop and chat.

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