Thursday, 25 February 2010

It's been a while

I keep meaning to post but I've really been so tired and needed to get back to my family for a while.

Not that I've stopped by any means.....

.....on Saturday I went to a hustings at Leeds Met and challenged the Labour MP, Hilary Benn on the National Challenge policy and the closure of schools in deprived areas.

On Sunday I answered all the emails I hadn't found time for before the election and made cards for some particularly lovely well-wishers who phoned me and left messages on election day.

On Monday I spent all day helping my son with his coursework for his A-levels - being autistic he finds it hard to understand what is being asked of him and needs someone there to help him organise himself or he gets frustrated - far harder work than standing in an election.
I had his statement review too; he's doing really well and everything is now set for his next school year.

On Tuesday I actually managed to get round to some housework.

On Wednesday I took my son to his card club, did the shopping, picked up all the stuff I left at Victoria's election day and then took over 3/4hour to get all of 500 yards from her house to the student union to collect him because I bumped into so many people wanting to wish me well and hoping I'm going to stand in the next election.

And today I joined the community choir at Little London Primary School and then went to steel pans at City of Leeds.

The choir was great.

When I arrived the hall was crawling with small children and everyone was getting orange juice and tea.

Before I knew it, though, the session had started and very quickly everyone joined in 'baking a cake' with all the sound effects; I think that was by far the best bit, great fun.
Then we did some breathing and voice exercises - riding a motorbike up and down hills was pretty chaotic but the kids obviously loved it.

And then we got down to the singing.

I really enjoyed myself; I love singing but have never had the confidence to join a 'real' choir, this was just so much fun and I felt completely at home, I'll definitely be back there next week.

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