Monday, 8 February 2010

City of Leeds Public Meeting - Wednesday February 10th, 7pm

I've been really busy leafleting and canvassing all weekend.
It has been both depressing to see so much of the ward in such a neglected state and yet heartening to talk to people about their communities. So many really do value City of Leeds School and I'm sure now that we will be seeing a packed public meeting there at 7pm on Wednesday night.

I spent some time leafleting with some of the staff from City of Leeds in Woodhouse today and it was great to see how committed they are to the school and to their pupils. Talking to them, not one has mentioned that they all stand to lose their jobs if the closure goes ahead, they talk only about the children and the difficulties of trying both to campaign for them and at the same time support them through a time when their school, their teachers and they, themselves, are being rubbished by Education Leeds in spite of a great Ofsted report just a few months ago.

The public meeting will be quite and event. The staff and students are working really hard to make parents and local people feel welcome. They have produced an excellent DVD with pupils which is going to be shown at the meeting and are going to be offering refreshments, displays about the school, and music from the Silver Steel Sparrows so getting there early is a must.

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