Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Royal Park

Tonight was the last Royal Park gathering before the public meeting and it was really encouraging to see how much planning was going into the presentation of the Royal Park Bid to the public.
It looks like it is going to be a real community celebration and well worth going to with activities for children, food, opportunities to pledge support for the refurbishment of the building and to explore and contribute to the wealth of ideas that are coming together.

The two core groups have decided to unite to simplify organisation and to pool their skills so they can really focus on getting behind the bid and acquiring the building for the community first and foremost and then, develop and evolve their ideas together with the wider community as they make the building usable in the first stage of the project.

I am so glad I got involved in this campaign, before I ever thought of standing in an election, because it has given me the energy and passion to stand up for City of Leeds, for our children and for our people throughout Hyde Park and Woodhouse. It has reminded me that there are many things worth fighting for in our area and together we can win.

Royal Park Public Meeting
12 pm Saturday 13th february
All Hallows Church
24 Regent Terrace
Leeds LS6 1NP

And don't forget City of Leeds Public Meeting today


City of Leeds School
Bedford Field
Woodhouse Cliff
Leeds, LS6 2LG

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