Friday, 29 January 2010

So cold today

A major hiccup today - the leaflets didn't turn up.

Everything is ready to go as soon as they arrive, it's just frustrating having to wait.

I went into school again to meet some of the staff.
They are working very hard and have produced a great leaflet.

It's very simple, mostly a quote from Education Leeds alongside a contrasting quote from Ofsted and a comment from the school:

Education Leeds says... "...we are not confident that attendance can improve."
We say... "Why then did they give us an award in 2009 for the most improved school in the authority with regard to attendance?"
Ofsted says... "Attendance has improved and meets the targets set by the Department for Children, Schools and Families."

I really enjoy going into City of Leeds, I always feel at ease and the staff and pupils are always welcoming. It was strangely quiet today though, it was a staff training day so no pupils.

Coming out of City, I walked past Quarry Mount Primary School where I used to work. It was lunch time and the children were playing outside. It made me smile to remember my last class there and doing playground duty on an icy cold day.

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