Thursday, 3 June 2010

City goes to Parliament

Today Greg Mulholland listed Early Day Motion 133

"This House ... Objects to the proposed closure of City of Leeds School; recognises the importance of exam results in ascertaining the success of schools but further recognises that they are not the only barometer for success, especially in a school like City of Leeds which has such a diverse range of students attending; notes that results in City of Leeds have also suffered due to constant speculation about the school's future; believes the school provides an invaluable service to its pupils, their parents and the surrounding community; notes the expert provision at City of Leeds for a large number of students for whom English is not their first language; is concerned that closing the school will result in pupils having to travel further to receive an education and possibly incurring extra costs resultantly; furthermore that closure of the school will damage the surrounding community by making the area less attractive for young families."

This is such a coup for the school, we have been working very hard towards it and finally it is here - I would love to see the look on Chris Edwards' face this morning.

next step:

getting the petition to support the EDM up to speed

Greg Mulholland has done us proud, a shame that Hilary Benn's name doesn't appear alongside Greg's as we had hoped.

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