Saturday, 24 April 2010

Bollywood comes to Little Woodhouse

Today I went to the Little Woodhouse Picnic in Hanover Square.

It was a beautiful afternoon in the tiny park. St George's Crypt provided refreshments, there were stalls and exhibitions with lots of really well presented information about the area and activities for the children.

The shows included a wide range of music and a great drumming workshop. The highlight had to be the belly dancing which finished with an invitation to join the fun - as you can see from the photograph above there was quite a crowd tempted to have a go and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

I met so many interesting people: Janice Priestly from Neighbours United, Freda Matthews of the Little Woodhouse Community Association and Tony Benn who brought his son, Hilary, along to the event.

I really enjoyed myself; thank you so much for inviting me, Freda.

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